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Lexis GRC Software

A Revolutionary Tool in Compliance Management

Ensuring you are compliant and up to date without help is nearly impossible. 

LegalEasy 2.0 is a powerful online web-based compliance system that provides an overview of your current position against legal compliance to any Act, Standard or best practices.

LegalEasy is a flexible set of software modules to be used as standalone tools or an integrated system which effectively manage all aspects of your organization’s management compliance needs.





Legal Register & Universe

Subscribe to all applicable legislative content, including by-laws for general viewing and set-up your legal register specific per business unit, site, section, department and function or other as may be required. 

  • LR-ContentUpdates

    Avoid using outdated legislation

    Our content is updated automatically as soon as new legislation is passed. Members are also notified of all relevant legislature updates. Imagine no more bound ring files to have to keep updated. Now keeping on top of updates is as simple as reading an email.
  • LR-Lingo

    Don’t let the legal lingo in legislation confuse you

    What could happen if you misinterpreted a legal requirement? We provide explanations of the clauses in the legislation. These are written in plain English and easy enough for anybody to understand. Imagine not having to struggle with what the act really means?
  • LR-Legalregister
    We can help you build your legal register

    Finding the legislation applicable to you can be like finding needles in a haystack. We can determine the relevant legislation for each division of your business. Our experts have particular skills in working out exactly what should be in your legal register.



Audit Module

Use LegalEasy to assess your risks as well as conduct your internal audits and let the results drive your actions for continuous improvement.

  • AM-List

    Build Your Own

    LegalEasy allows you to create custom audits for your company or use the Legal Compliance and ISO/OHSAS Standard Audit protocols already developed by LexisNexis.
  • AM-contimprov Continuous improvement

    LegalEasy allows you to keep records of your previous audits and measure yourself against new audit.External and internal audits can be recorded and saved in the same place.Audit findings can be logged in LegalEasy with ratings and improvement actions which can be scheduled.
  • AM-audit

    Light vs. Detailed Audits

    If you are pressed for time the light protocol is a useful tool to expose the critical audit issues on a high level basis expending less time than on a detailed audit.




Incident Management Module

Every incident has a price tag. Apart from the human suffering and morale issues they also cost time and money. 

Consider this, if a company works on a 10% margin, and let’s say they suffer an incident that costs the company R10 000. They would need to generate R100 000 of sales before the loss is recouped. 

Also, if something has happened once, chances are it will happen again.

Incident management allows you to track down the root cause and prevent it from happening again. 

  • II-Add

    Real Time Continuous improvement

    The incident management module gives you the information to make improvement fast. Consider that most Health and Safety plans happen on an annual basis. Now imagine if you had the critical information at your fingertips that would allow you to make focused interventions that result in substantial decreases in incidences.

  • II-Incident

    The Golden rules of incident management

    There are a set of golden rules for incident management. These rules represent the best practices. The system has been setup to guide you automatically through these rules and ensure you follow best practice and legislative requirements are addressed.
  • II-Add

    Actions are assigned to managers

    No longer is it the sole responsibility of the SHEQ manager to manage safety. Actions can be assigned to various business units and their response is measured. The software will keep records on all identified causal factors. This will highlight causal factors that are constantly occurring, allowing you to feed accurate data into your risk assessment.



Risk Assessment Module

RT-graphThe Risk Assessment module allows you to identify aspects and hazards per tasks and activities. Assess these according to your specific matrix and prioritise according to ratings. 

Risk assessment best practices come out of the box

The stages are built taking into account the criteria of ISO31000


A step by step guided process to ensure all the correct questions are asked before the risk assessment begins.

Hazard identification

We provide prompts to guide a client to consider all possible hazard scenarios for the key areas. These prompts are compiled from extensive research from worldwide authorities such as the UK health and safety executive, Workforce and Workcover from Australia and National Safety Council from the USA.


Risk factor evaluation

We provide a matrix for criticality grading purposes. This tool was selected for ease of use but also accurate risk predictions. This tool is used consistently worldwide.  

Determination of controls or corrective actions

Risk controls can be prioritised for action using the action management component to ensure that risks identified during this process are actually acted upon and effective resolved by setting due dates and automated monitoring. 

Configurable per the client’s needs

Do you already have a risk matrix? You can set up your own specific matrix that is customised for your company’s individual needs and prioritise according to ratings.




Dashboard Module

Dashboards are interactive and real time.

A soon as information is updated in LegalEasy, the dashboards are updated. This means that you will always have the most up to date view, without having to wait till the end of the month for reports.

Selectable dashboard components from modules for unique views.

Different parts of the business have different focus areas. For that reason we have made the dashboard customisable. You can select the components you need to see on a daily basis.

Bird’s eye view on business performance and drill down into each module.

After you have identified an issue at a broad level you need to be able to dive into the information and discover the root causes of issue. The dashboard allows you to get a summary of the information and then drill down for more information.

They can be exported to word, excel, pdf. etc.

Include your data in reports in pdf or word format or if you want to work with the data further you can export the information into excel.






Document management module

Have all your vital information in one place and easily accessible

Documents and templates

(OHS)We provide a range of templates for inspections and making statutory appointments such as a section 16.2 management appointee.

Version control

The system allows for version control and so ensures you always have the latest versions available

Link documents to other modules

Instead of trying to find relevant documents these can be linked or embedded to relevant sections of the act, incident reports, audit reports, etc.



Action management module

Create actions from various modules

Actions or tasks can be created from any module including the Legal register. These actions are sent and escalated though e-mail messaging. As soon as issues are identified you can create momentum to start resolving them swiftly.

Set due dates and report-back frequencies...generating progress reports 

Actions may be set at dates in the distant future. To make sure these are not neglected and forgotten over time, frequencies with reminders are set-up to allow for feedback on progress made

Monitor updates to action progress (includes flagging)

Statuses are determined by updating action progress. Progress updating not done according to deadline frequencies will force automatic flagging of overdue status. Escalation and notification of overdue / incomplete statuses are also possible. 

Generate audit trail from actions (action originate from...) to sign-off 

 Actions can be traced back to its origin at anytime. Completion back to different stages of progress and eventually back to where it originated from can be traced and reported on.



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